Thursday, May 1, 2008

2008 Preperation

Our team has had a busy start to 2008. My mates, Nick Underwood, bucks show was on the weekend of Round 1 of the SARC Tarrawatta Stages so we missed that event and a friends wedding got in the way of the first Round of the Walky Park Rallysprint Series which meant that Robertstown Walky 100 was our first event for the year.
We have been hard at work over summer developing the WRX. The couple of events we did last year since we got the new car pointed us in the direction we needed to take. We installed a set of new 50mm DMS suspension, organised a few sets of Silverstone Tyres and purchased another set of rims so that we have more choice of tyres ready to go for varying conditions. A set of Noltec Strut Tops were installed to give us the range of allignment required and once the car was completed we ran it down to Bob Jane at Marion for an allignment and to fit the tyres to our spare sets of rims.
We were lucky enough to get a great price on the just released Narva Ultimate 225mm spot lights from Motor Traders at Edwardstown. They have been great supporters of ours and we thank them for their continued support. Joe made up a great light mount for us as a temporary measure until we can obtain a suitable light pod. We have two pairs, a set of spreads and a set of spots. We can currently only mount one pair so without the time to test them we decided on fitting one spread and one spot for the two long night stages at Robertstown.
Many thanks to our current supporters, we can't do what we do without their support.
Motor Traders Edwardstown
Nuleaf Organics
Haby's Bulk Transport

Also a big thankyou to our team.
Crew Chief - Joe Bongiorno
Mechanics - Robert Burrows, John Burrows and Phil Haby
Co-Driver - Ashley Chabrel
Team Manager - Susan Haby

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